DFW Mental Disorder Treatment Center

The tenured staff at our DFW mental disorder treatment center are experts in the treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders. At DFW mental disorder treatment center, Santé, has been partnering with people from around the world since 1996 to illuminate a path to health and well being.



The term mental health refers to cognitive, and/or emotional well being — specifically how a person thinks, feels and behaves throughout the day. Mental health disorders affect all walks of life and cross race, gender and socio-economic boundaries.

Because there is no "typical" patient, the treatment staff at our DFW mental disorder treatment center feels there is no "typical" treatment either.


When patients come to our DFW mental disorder treatment center for help, they complete a battery of assessments to determine an individual plan for treatment. Many who struggle with addiction may also have an underlying mental health disorder, or co-occuring disorder, that the addiction is masking. Also known as a dual-diagnosis or dual disorders, co-occurring disorders are frequently present in patients seeking addiction treatment. Co-occuring disorders include mental health disorders such as major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia and post traumatic stress disorder, among others.


At our DFW mental disorder treatment center for Healing in Dallas, each patient is unique and their treatment plans reflect that individuality. The experienced Santé staff creates individualized treatment plans that seamlessly address chemical and behavioral addictions alongside co-occurring disorders.


At the root of treatment, DFW mental disorder treatment center in Dallas, Santé provides tools that allow patients to tolerate and regulate emotions. This heightened sense of inner-strength enables patients to enter back into the world better equipped to handle life on life’s terms.



Struggling with an addiction or compulsive behavior that is causing your life to become unmanageable?




For immediate assistance, please call our Intake Counselors at 800.258.4250


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